Wednesday, June 13, 2012


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Naturopathic doctors have been trying to create a scope of practice that looks much like PT.  Below is a letter we sent to the legislature and the good news is A 3057C (naturopath bill) taken off agenda. It was also amended on the senate side.  Sometimes we forget the victories that protect us.  Nice job to our staff in Albany and Lobbyiest Brian Lucey.

In Good Health

Matthew Hyland
President NYPTA


A.3057-C (Perry)/S.1803-C (LaValle) An Act to AN ACT to amend the education law, the limited liability company law and the partnership law, in relation to the practice of  naturopathy


The New York Physical Therapy Association (NYPTA), representing the interests of approximately 12,000 physical therapy professionals respectfully opposes A.3057-C/S.1803-C which would create a new licensed profession of naturopathy.

The bill’s legislative intent states that “[t]he legislature recognizes that, unlike other currently licensed professions, naturopathic doctors are formally educated in the use of natural therapies, natural substances and pharmacological substances for common health conditions and disease prevention” (emphasis added) yet the proposed scope of practice for naturopaths includes exercise therapy, mobilization, manipulation and hydrotherapy (aquatic).  These modalities are at the heart of the practice of physical therapy and physical therapists are exceedingly trained and qualified to provide these services.  As a result, the legislation unnecessarily and unjustifiably duplicates services provided by physical therapists and for that matter other licensed health care professions (occupational therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, athletic training, massage therapy and physiatry).  Plenty of well qualified licensed professions provide rehabilitation services and no need exists for an additional profession which will only confuse the public.

Additionally, the proposed educational requirements for a naturopathic doctor inadequately prepare them to provide rehabilitation services. Physical therapists are educated at the doctoral level. The sole focus of that education is to educate and train physical therapists in the provision of rehabilitation services.  Comparatively, naturopathic doctors are trained in a whole host of health topics including botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, counseling, homeopathy, laboratory & clinical diagnosis, minor surgery and nutritional sciences in addition to “naturopathic physical medicine”.  The breadth of topics covered by the proposed practice of naturopathy leaves little room to focus on rehabilitation services.  We also note that New York does not have a naturopathy program within the State.

Finally, the bill effectively allows naturopaths to act as physical therapists by virtue of the fact that the naturopath scope of practice duplicates the lion’s share of the physical therapy scope of practice and the bill does not address naturopaths’ ability to bill health care payors under the physical therapy CPT codes. The bill’s requirement that naturopaths practice under the supervision of physicians also runs the risk of displacing physical therapists working in physician offices and replacing them with less trained and less expensive naturopaths.

For the above reason, NYPTA respectfully requests your opposition to A.3057-C (Perry)/S.1803-C (LaValle).


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